Fort Thomas, Kentucky is renowned throughout Kentucky for its top-ranked educational programs and facilities. See Top Schools for more information about our school district. In addition, Fort Thomas, Kentucky has one of the lowest crime rates in Greater Cincinnati.

Some of the assets of this Top Community include:

  • Three city parks within walking distance
  • An old town style shoping district just up the road
  • Great pubs with fantastic food and wonderful atmospheres
  • A US Post Office, within walking distance, where the Postmaster will likely remember your name
  • Great recreational resources with the Campbell County YMCA, the Highland Swim Club and the Highland Country Club
Combine all these things and their convenience, and you've got a community that's firing on all cylinders.

Mr. Ellison puts it best:

A friend of mine took me skiing in Bozeman, Montana 15 years ago. The first day I was riding the chair lift with a local guy who turned to me and asked, "How did you find out about this place?"

Innocently, I stated, "A friend of mine told me."

To which he flatly, with a subtle grin, replied, "Well tell your friend to keep quiet."

The same appreciation for a wonderful place encourages us at The Apartments of Ridgewood Homes to welcome you to your new home and into our community.


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